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The History of Kleenco

The Start of the Kleenco Cleaning Crew

All six children worked extensively in the business. Some are now retired, some have moved on to other careers.


The Silbaugh family is still actively involved in the business.

Learn about the hardworking couple who started Kleenco many years ago...

Bob's Story

Burma's Story

Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!


The Beginning


The history of Kleenco really starts with the story of Robert Silbaugh and his wife Burma. Back in the early 50's Bob was fresh out of the marines and starting his family. He needed a way to support his young bride and a growing army of small children.


Being a child of Idaho farmers Bob knew how to work hard with his hands. He had some experience with KP in the marines so Janitorial work naturally came to mind.


At this early point in his career he wasn't to versed in the methods or technology needed to make his cleaning easy. He would learn that as time went on. On one of Bob's first jobs he was asked to strip and wax some floors. Easy he thought. So he acquired a scrubbing machine bought a couple of cans of AJAX and went to work.


Needless to say this was not the correct way to strip a floor. The AJAX splashed up on the walls on the desks it seemed like it was everywhere. He spent all night cleaning this powdery mess off of everything.


Eventually he did get the job finished and the customers were quite pleased. Never before had anyone ever cleaned the walls and furniture when stripping and waxing the floors. This guy Bob went the extra mile to please.


So began the odyssey of his journey in the Janitorial Service business and the reputation for quality. Bob had learned what was probably the most important lesson of his career "always give the customer more than he expects". It was a lesson he impressed on his children and grandchildren.


The wisdom apparent in this knowledge is today reflected in every package of cleaner that leaves the Kleenco factory. We give the customer a product that is high in Quality, the ultimate Value and outstanding in Performance. Thus the slogan "Kleenco for Quality, Value and Performance" a message that is found on the Kleenco brand to this day.


Bob was a very effective teacher of his knowledge. You can read some of the letters of appreciation that he received over the years.

The Early Years


The Silbaugh cleaning dynasty was moved from its origins in Southern California to the beautiful surroundings of the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest.


The family was expanding eventually reaching five boys and one girl. All of the Silbaugh children helped with the cleaning business. Learning to wax and polish furniture, clean windows and blinds, shampoo, extract and bonnet clean carpets. Strip and refinish resilient tile, stone, wood, ceramic and concrete floors.


The cleaning education was extensive each child also learned how to clean sinks, showers, toilets and urinals. The importance of disinfecting was driven home and learning how to safely handle the products and equipment was a priority.


With all this know how something was still missing. Something that is as vital today as it was then. High performance cleaning solutions that would make the cleaning easier and more productive.


Thus began the era of product research. Research coupled with years of experience in cleaning gave our formulators the distinction of being masters at their craft.


The Present


Today Kleenco manufacturers a portfolio of formulations that is over 100 products deep. These products are packaged in sizes from pints to 55 gallon drums. Making these amazing formulations widely available to the DIY home cleaner and well as professional janitorial contractors, maid services, window and carpet cleaning companies.


Sold through a nationwide network of dealers. Kleenco is most likely sold at a location near you.






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