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Absolutely the Best Odor Killer on the market. If you can get it to the source of the odor  the odor will be gone and it ain't comin back!

Odor Eliminating Solutions


Enzyme Odor Eliminator


For severe carpet odor problems. Destroys odors caused by organic residues. Special bacteria/enzyme action digests the nutrient source of odor causing bacteria. This allows it to remove all organic malodors. Effective for use on protein type stains. Biodegradable, non-toxic and excellent for use on " new generation" stain resist carpeting.











Freshener for all Water Filtration Vacuums


Formulated with the same odor destroying ingredients that are contained in Kitty-Scram and Maxim. This formula however, is designed specifically for use in water filtration vacuums. Freshens room air as you vacuum and keeps your vacuum fresh and clean.

Don't simply mask an odor or overwhelm your sense of smell with a heavy perfume.


Use Kleenco's Kitty-Scram and Maxim Malodor counteractants to capture and destroy the odor.


Humans can recognize about 10,000 different odors. Odor particles are inhaled into the nasal cavity where they travel over millions of receptor neurons that sit on the olfactory epithelium. Each odor molecule sets off a signal made by the receptors. This signal travels along the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb which processes the signal and tells your brain what smells good and what smells bad.


Kleenco has formulated its malodor counteractant to actually change the shape of the odor molecule so it does not interact with the epithelium receptor. This completely eliminates any sense of the foul odor then special ingredients kill the source of the odor on contact. This results in the immediate and permanent neutralization of the odor.




Pet Odor Remover


A concentrated odor neutralizer for use on carpets and upholstery. This product works by a unique scientific principal called molecular odor neutralization. Kitty-Scram is a concentrated odor neutralizer for use on carpets, furniture, automotive interiors, clothing, bedding, etc. Captures and destroys odor molecules making them completely odorless. Active against all common odor sources such as those caused by animal urine, excrement, vomit, perspiration, etc. Also effective against odors caused by flood damage, humidity and smoke. Apply directly or use in carpet cleaning solutions. Click for more information. Click for Material Safety Data Sheet. Notice what users of Kitty-Scram are saying.




I appreciate your help in locating a distributor in my area that carries the gallon size of your product "Kitty-Scram". Over the past 18 years I've had 11 cats and dogs (2 litters of cats and 1 litter of puppies). Needless to say, I've tried a lot of products designed to eliminate pet odors and Kitty-Scram is the first product that really works! Read More...



Odor Destroyer


Maxim contains the same mal-odor counteractant as Kitty-Scram. However it's available in additional fragrances including Country-Garden, and Lemon.
















Rug and Room Deodorizer


A unique carpet-n-room deodorizer formulated for use with vacuums. Neutralizes offensive odors virtually anywhere you find them. Highly effective, tackles the toughest odors including - musty room odors, smoke, food, pet odors, etc. Easy to use with regular vacuuming. Simply sprinkle on carpet, allow to work a few minutes, then vacuum in the normal manner. Versatile use it for removing a variety odors including garbage, diaper pails, cat boxes, etc.


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