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Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!

Helping you sell more

customers....more often!


Keeping clean is big business, generating more than $168 billion in annual revenue across the globe. And, unlike many other markets where technological change is decreasing expenditures for the consumer, if you deal in cleaning chemicals, you will have a stable business that will only grow in the future.


All of your customers are cleaning! Are you selling?


We want to make your venture into the business of selling clean a success. In addition to outstanding high performance cleaners, Kleenco also provides informative sales training that gives you selling confidence.

When you combine your sales know-how with our expertise in cleaning, your store becomes an invaluable resource for your current and future customers.

Your business will become a place where your customers can go to get solid and reliable information.

Your expertise will save them hours and hours of time and prevent them from ruining sensitive materials and surfaces during the cleaning process.


Limited Distribution


Kleenco is not available at mass merchandisers or big box stores and we don’t sell on-line. Kleenco products are only available through dealers like you.

With Kleenco you have the opportunity to invest time into your customer base. You can really sell them on the value of Kleenco knowing your efforts won’t be wasted when your hard earned customers seek to buy cheaper at the big box down the street.

Think about the value you add to your business by giving them products that perform like no other and are available nowhere else but your store.


Complete Product Line


If the line you are carrying is limited to just a few household staples, the sales you are missing can add up quick from hundreds of dollars per day to perhaps thousand or tens of thousands each year.

When you carry Kleenco you are in no way limited to the low performance of store brands or watered down national brands.

Kleenco’s product portfolio is extensive. Our formulations have been designed to solve difficult cleaning problems. They remove tenacious soils and stains fast and efficiently, saving the user time and energy. And because most are dilutable concentrates, the in-use cost saves them considerable money.

You’ll find our products appeal to professionals such as maid services, janitorial contractors and carpet cleaners. They also attract interest from institutional users such as industrial plants, nursing homes, hospitals, motels and apartment complexes.

No doubt you already are doing business with these types of customers. Now, with Kleenco in your mix you have a significant opportunity to increase your business with them.

Selling one Kleenco product to a customer opens the opportunity to sell many more in the future. For instance when you sell Carpet-Brite with a carpet machine, you can also introduce them to Effortless, Shower-Kleen or Old Time Wood Floor Wash.

By using the above method, along with other sales techniques, you have endless opportunities to increase revenue from each customer. And our products are consumables, so your customers will return to your store month after month year after

year to buy your Kleenco products. And perhaps best of all, each time they’re in your store you are building a relationship.

Many dealers look at Kleenco not as a product line but as a marketing tool.





In Store Promotion


POP is one of the most underutilized tools in retail today. When you consider that some 70 percent of retail purchases aren’t decided until the customer is actually in the store, it’s clear what impact something as simple as a POP display can have.

Kleenco has several different POP displays, signs and banners you can choose from. Available at a modest cost, they will pay for themselves many times over.


Internet Advertising enjoys considerable success with people searching for solutions to their cleaning problems. We are constantly responding to peoples questions on how to clean their stone, wood, laminate and carpeted surfaces.

Receiving literally thousands of visits each month our website is designed to direct consumer interest in Kleenco to our dealers throughout the United States. Each dealer is listed as well as a link to their website.


Partnership Labeling


We listened to many customers who told us they’ve stumbled upon our products in a closet, garage or cupboard of a friend or family member, tried the product, and loved the cleaning performance but didn’t know where to get more! We developed a cobranded label.

With our partnership label we print your stores name, address and phone number on each label. The label then becomes a salesperson in each home, business or institution it goes to. You’ll find new customers coming to your store simply to find that miracle cleaner that their aunt, neighbor or co-worker uses.

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Good Morning Gay,


We would love to 'crow' about the Kleenco products! We've been carrying them for 34years! These products are user & eco-friendly products that do what they promise. Our customers have found dependable value in the Kleenco products - doing what other products have not done for them.

 Dealer support has been exceptional through the years! The value, regarding what & how the products work, have given 'tools' to our customers, making the products even more effective in their application!

 Concentration of these products have meant savings to those using them - both in time & money! Kleenco products are not a bleach or 'kool-aid' product - they are truly effective & will keep your customers coming back to your store for creditable cleaning help... a true customer/store relationship!

 We recommend, with confidence, the Kleenco products!



 A-1 Vacuum, Inc.

Kelso, WA


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