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Easy Cleaning for Stone, Ceramic and Concrete Floors

Perhaps nothing evokes a sense of stability and permanence to your home or establishment like a stone floor. Some of the world's greatest architecture has been fabricated in this most natural of building materials.


How do you properly care for stone? Carefully, although stone seems indestructible nothing could be further from the truth. Calcareous stone like marble is easily damaged by the mildest of acids such as lemon juice or cola drinks. Even mild detergents can be harmful to stone if they contain chemicals that form crystals upon drying. These crystals can penetrate the stone and cause unsightly spalling. The same holds true for siliceous materials like sand stone.


Concrete traditionally has not been viewed as a decorative flooring material however, with today’s stains and finishing techniques it's increasing viewed a stand-alone material of choice. For good reason this material is extremely durable and can be quite beautiful. It does though need proper cleaning and protection.


Ceramic and clay tiles are also important flooring choices. Keeping them clean and attractive can be difficult given their porous nature.


Whatever the material you have chosen to give that sense of permanence to your place of dwelling or business Kleenco has the right products and procedures to help you care for it.

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Neutral Detergent for Natural Stone Floors


pH balanced daily cleaner and protector. Polymer enhanced cleaning solution absorbs damaging dirt and grime providing outstanding soil removal. Formulated for use on all natural stone surfaces. Prevents redeposition of surface soils and mineral salts which prevents stone discoloring. Click for Material Safety Data Sheet.






Transparent-Penetrating-Waterproofing Sealer


High quality, all-purpose, transparent waterproofing sealer enhances the color of natural stone surfaces. Penetrates porous stone surfaces to create a moisture barrier that keeps water out. Excellent adhesion properties produces a durable sealer for all types of stone floors including marble, granite, slate and limestone. This easy to use product preserves the stones natural look and provides maximum stain resistance. Engineered polymer structure is designed to allow vapor transmission. Click for Material Safety Data Sheet.




Acrylic Finish For Natural Stone Floors


Water base finish formulated for use on marble, granite, slate and other man-made stones. Formulated to enhance the natural gloss and colors of the stone. On semi-glossy stones it brightens the stones colors and enhances the gloss. Formulated for compatibility with Renaissance Stone Sealer. Engineered polymer structure is designed to allow vapor transmission.




Acrylic Finish For Masonry Floors


New acrylic floor polish. Created especially for hard floor surfaces such as, ceramic, quarry, paver and Mexican tiles. Excellent for brick floors. Protects slate and other decorative stone floors. Three times longer lasting than conventional floor finishes. Applies easily and dries to a beautiful streak free shine. Self polishing - easy to maintain.







High Performance Concrete Seal


Designed to reduce concrete dusting. Protects against scratching and harsh chemicals. Bright long lasting shine will enhance the appearance of any concrete floor. Increases light reflectance for a safer working environment. Water based it does not require special handling. Easy to apply and maintain. Adheres to virtually any type of concrete floor.




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