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Solvent Based Acrylic Finish For Wood Floors


The easiest way to maintain wood floors! Water free it protects and shines with no buffing required. The acrylic formula protects and leaves a "tougher than wax" shine in one easy application. Makes routine cleaning and maintenance easier. Floor coverage for average use is 2,400 square feet per gallon. For use on all types of wood floors.






Solvent Cleaner For Wood Floors


A professional formula cleaner and reconditioner, designed for use on all wood surfaces and finishes. Reduces the need to use damaging water or detergents. Removes black marks, rubber burns and stains. Lightens floors darkened because of age. Increases the adhesion of finishes and waxes. Easy to apply, works fast. Especially recommended for cleaning wood floors before refinishing. Click for more information on Using Wood Floor Prepare to care for your wood floors.



Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Beautiful with Kleenco

Beautiful, enduring an heirloom. Many are the words people use to describe their wood floors. Yet, if you don't care for them properly other words may come to mind...a pain, can't be cleaned, need to be refinished, etc.


Kleenco's wood floor products will keep your floors in top shape for years to come. Notice what long time users have to say about our products....


I’m going back for my 2nd container now, and I want to tell you that after mopping my wood floor for about a month using the “Wood Wash”, the shine was back to my floor. Whereas before, I thought I was going to have to have my floor refinished to get the shine back.




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pH Balanced Wood Floor Cleaner


Wood Wash is a special cleaning agent formulated for all finished wood floors including Swedish finish floors. Contains selected surfactants for the controlled removal of damaging spills and general cleanup of dust, dirt and grime which dull the finish. These are soils left behind by inferior cleaning solutions such as vinegar and water. Do your own side-by-side cleaning test comparing Wood Wash with vinegar and water you'll be impressed with the results. Click for more information on Wood Wash. Click for more information on Using Wood Floor Wash to care for your wood floors. What Customers Say




Pure Vegetable Oil Soap


A natural formula for the safe cleaning of finished wood surfaces including cabinets, doors, wood paneling and furniture (Not recommended for polyurethane coated wood floors.) Contains no harsh detergents or strong alkalis. This makes it easy on the finish and gentle to the hands. Effectively cleans painted, varnished and natural woodwork. Click for more information on Using Old Time Oil Soap to care for your wood floors.




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