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The goal of every cleaning operation is to remove the soil without harming the surface being cleaned. Soil is no more than dirt or grime in the wrong place. Dirt on the living room carpet is bad...dirt in the garden is good. Grease on the kitchen cabinets is bad ...grease (depending on your taste and health) in the frying pan is good.


Sometimes all that is needed to remove soil from where it's not wanted is a good broom or dusting cloth. Some so called experts will say you don't need detergents or chemicals all you need is a microfiber cloth. Others will say they have a cleaning product that will remove every type of soil from every type of surface. Both of these extremes are wrong.


You can't remove soils such as calcium, magnesium grease, gum or tar with a microfiber cloth and if you know anything about the chemistry of cleaning you will not be able to remove all types of soil from all types of surfaces with one type of chemical. Either the surface will be damaged or the cleaning results will be disappointing.


Each product Kleenco makes is designed to be effective and safe for the surface being cleaned. Below are a few special products for special soils and circumstances. If you are unsure about a product, soil or surface being cleaned feel free to contact us via the "Ask Bob" page and we'll have one of our experts help find you a solution that makes your cleaning easy.

Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!

Reduce slip and falls with this traction creating product.

Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!

Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!

Spoil the fun of the tagsters by removing their urban art before it becomes famous!

Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!

Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!

Cleaners that improve the cleaning of all ultrasonic machines.


Vandalism Mark Remove

Removes all types of ink, spray paint, felt-tipped marker, ballpoint ink, pencil, crayon and lipstick. Ideal for surfaces such as Formica®, Plexiglass®, metal, P.V.C., painted surfaces, etc. Apply with a hand sprayer and then wipe off. Tougher jobs may require scrubbing or repeated applications.



Keep you're drains free-flowing with this maintenance enzyme!


Non-Slip Treatment For Masonry Surfaces


Specialty cleaning compound designed to treat quarry tile, concrete and other masonry surfaces to a non-slip condition. Use on a quarterly basis to stop slipping accidents caused by greasy kitchen floors. Treated floors remain non-slip even when wet. To maintain slip resistance in greasy kitchen environments use Kleenco's Grease Master. DANGER: May cause severe burns to eyes or skin which may not be immediately painful or visible.




Ultrasonic Cleaner


Improve the cleaning ability of your blind machines with this active cleaning agent. This product works great to remove every day soils and tenacious oxidation. Special solvent action is formulated for maximum cleaning performance without harsh caustics.











Heavy-Duty Ultrasonic Cleaner


Blinds found in kitchens, restaurants and industrial offices are often caked with a combination of heavy grease, oil, cigarette smoke and other nasty soils. This cleaning calls for heavy duty action and Blind Shine2 packs the extra punch needed to cut this troublesome soils.









Ultrasonic Rinse


Provide value added cleaning by without the expense of hand polishing with this remarkable product. The special ingredients cause the soil and solution to sheet of the blinds producing a spot free sparkling shine.





Enzyme Action Drain Treatment


An enzyme concentrate that dissolves grease and oils while neutralizing foul odors. Excellent for use in maintaining kitchen drain lines. It is non-toxic and will not harm marine or plant life.






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