The best protection for a carpet is applied at the carpet mill. Mill applied carpet protectors are very durable and excellent at protecting carpets against spills and stains. However, even the best mill applied treatments will wear out over time. This is due to the damaging effects of foot traffic and the abrasion that occurs during necessary vacuuming.


When to reapply protective treatments is not an exact science. Much depends on the amount of traffic, the types of soil and the type of protection originally applied.


If your carpeting is subject to a normal pattern of traffic and soil as might be found in the average home apply an additional coat of protection after two years of traffic.


It is recommend that the carpet be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned by hot water extraction cleaning prior to the application of treatment.


There is a performance difference between solvent base and water base protectors. Most carpets are nylon or similar water resistant fiber. Nylon has an affinity for solvent this allows the treatment be it fluorochemical or silicone or combination of both to be carried deep into the carpet fiber. Solvent based protection will resist the damaging effects of abrasion much better than water base protectors which essentially just sit on the surface of the fiber.


Initially solvent base protectors are more expensive but are well worth the investment for the extra protection they provide.


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