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Carpet is expensive and maintaining them can also be expensive. However failure to properly care for your carpet can ruin your home care budget. Proper cleaning can double the life of your carpet and safe you thousands.


A few quick tips:


Vacuum regularly a good rule of thumb is once per week per person living in the home. Don't forget to count Fido and Pudy Cat after all they track in dirt, leave hair and dander behind and sometimes make a mess of things.


Slow Down! When vacuuming there is no need for speed. Remember speed kills. This truism applies to vacuuming your carpet. Slow, careful passes pickup more damaging dirt and does more to revive crushed fibers.


Use a home cleaning or rental machine to clean your carpet on a regular basis.


Even the most dedicated home cleaner will eventually need the help of a professional carpet cleaner. They have the experience and equipment needed to prolong the life of your carpet. When choosing one try to find one that is a  respected member of a professional association. A professional will prevent you from feeling the pain of a damaged carpet.


Always used a well formulated cleaning product when cleaning your carpet such as the Kleenco Brand. Kleenco has been caring for carpets for over 40 years. The formulas are time tested, reliable and they perform like no other..

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