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Dishes, Pots-N-Pans, Silverware Cleaning is Easy with Kleenco's Dish Detergents

Don't let your guests pickup a glass or piece of silverware only to be dismayed by a dirty dish. There is perhaps nothing as unappetiziing as taking a sip of water only to see a bit of leftover food on it.


There are only a few ways a maker of detergents can make a cheaper cleaning product one is to add more water. This why so many of the cleaners you find at the grocery store are read-to-use. Mostly they contain a lot of water.


The other way is to use cheaper ingredients. Less effective surfactants, emulsifiers and builders. If you have ever encountered a dish detergent that fails to adequately remove food soils or rinse freely you most likely have encountered a product formulated with cheaper ingredients.


Look to Kleenco for quality dish detergents that perform at a value saving you the time and expense of washing your dishes two or three times.


Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!



Hand Dishwashing Detergent


Heavy-Duty K-Suds is a blended combination of fast acting detergents formulated to produce a rich, billowy, sudsing action. Cuts grease, loosens soil and is mild to the hands. Excellent for all dishwashing applications including; washing dishes, glasses, silverware, pots and pans. Use it to clean countertops, walls and kitchen appliances. Free rinsing, will not leave any greasy ring or sticky soap residue.





Lemon Scented Hand Dishwashing Detergent


Formulated for those who love the fresh scent of lemon. Highly concentrated liquid detergent. Loosens and dissolves the most stubborn food residues, grease and grime and rinses swiftly away. Does an un-excelled job of turning out sparkling glasses and tableware. Excellent for cleaning pots and pans, counter and table tops, glass coffee makers, etc. Lemon "E" is gentle to the hands and easy to use.





Heavy-Duty Machine Dishwashing Powder


Max contains a special combination of water conditioners, alkaline detergents and highly stable chlorine. Provides effective cleaning in hard water conditions. Coffee, tea and other food stains are no problem for this heavy-duty formula.









Machine Dishwashing Powder


Contains highly effective low foaming surfactants that cut through tough grease and grime. Rinses film free. Non-caustic formula.



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