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The Foundation of all Kleenco Products is the naturally pure waters of the Cascade Mountains.

EarthWatch® environmentally sensitive solutions. The starting point for most liquid cleaners is the water. The story of our water starts with heavy fall, winter and spring rains as well as pure mountain snow melt.


The water we use comes from Spada Lake Resevoir at the headwaters of the Sultan River. Spada Lake is located in the Upper Sultan River Watershed, an area encompasssing more than 80 square miles. This is one of the wettest watersheds in the Continental Unit States. The average rainfall is 165 inches.


Careful monitoring (in 2015 our water was tested for over 100 possible contaminants) confirms extemely minute levels of contaminants. This means the water Kleenco uses to build its products meets or exceeds all government standards for drinking water. Pure water simply means there is less need for chemical treatment. We feel this naturally pure source of water is one of the reasons our products perform so well.


In addition to the water all ingredients are selected to be readily biodegradable and all packaging is recyclable.


Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!

Earth Watch® Kleen Shiner

Floor Detergent and Protector


A highly effective neutral cleaner designed for daily damp mopping. Kleen Shiner provides a protective shine that helps to preserve and protect the floor between cleanings.





Earth Watch®

Terra Save

All Purpose Cleaner


Terra Save is designed to tackle the toughest dirt and grime. Cleans quickly and safely without harm to the environment. All ingredients are derived from naturally renewable feedstock's. This product is formulated with ready-to-use convenience making your cleaning easy!









Earth Watch®

Terra Wash

Liquid Laundry Detergent


Formulated for the safe cleaning of all fine washables, including whites and colors. Contains no phosphates, chlorine bleach or ammonia.






Earth Watch®

Terra View

Glass and Mirror Cleaner


Concentrated cleaning solution formulated to provide streak-free cleaning of windows and mirrors.















Earth Watch®

Terra Suds

Hand Dishwashing Detergent


Formulated with naturally renewable resources. Terra Suds is gentle to the hands but tough on grease and grime.



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