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Clean Kitchens Keep Your Diners Healty

The kitchen by far is the most popular room in the house and the busiest at any food service establishment. For the safety of guests, visitors and family member this room must be kept spotlessly clean.


However, of all the rooms it can be one of the most difficult to keep clean. Water, heat, oils, tracked in dirt and food crumbs can combine to make a tenacious soil.


Combine these soils with the cracks and crevices found in the kitchen as well as the type equipment and low amount of down time available for cleaning this can quickly become a daunting task.


The starting point for successfully accomplishing this task is the cleaners. They must be well designed to lift and emulsify the soil without damaging the surface being cleaned. Kleenco has the right products to do the job, check them out professionals all over love these products and have come to expect them to perform under the most difficult circumstances.

Kleenco, Four Generations a Family Company!



Kitchen Degreaser


Fast-acting, heavy-duty cleaner cuts through tough kitchen soils such as grease, oil and food protein. Excellent for use in mopping floors, cleaning walls and equipment.













Oven, Grill & Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner

Chefs Choice!


A heavy-duty formula designed to tackle the heaviest build-ups on hard to clean ovens. Ideal for use in ovens, around stove tops and even deep fat fryers.





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Protective Treatment


A liquid formulation designed to clean and protect stainless steel. Removes light soils such as finger marks and smudges. Produces a satin like finish that is highly resistant to finger printing. Leaves the surface dry and oil free. Excellent for sinks, drinking fountains, elevator doors, etc.


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Dishwaher and Ice Machine Descaler


Descales ice machines eliminating limescale / hard water mineral deposits and prevents corrosion. Significantly extends machine's lifespan and enhances taste Compatible with virtually all types of icemakers, including countertop, commercial, undercounter, automatic & more. Use cleaner every 2-3 months for best results. Excellent for removing hard water scale from commercial and residential dishwashers.


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