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As in most other areas the big obstacle to clean laundry is the condition of the wash water. If the area in which you live has soft water. Great it will aid in getting your wash clean and bright. If you have hard water you’re in for a struggle. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. When mixed with soap or improperly formulated detergents these minerals can form curd.


This curd can show up as an off-white powder that will cause whites to become gray, cause clothing to feel stiff and coat the inside of the wash machine with a hard to remove crusty soil.


In addition to water conditions spills and soils can become permanent stains if not treated properly. It’s easy to see then how cheap, watered down laundry detergents and ineffective spot removers can quickly rob your clothing and linen budget by causing you to replace expensive items long before they wear out.


Kleenco detergents are formulated with the proper amount of active builders, chelating agents and surfactants to get your wash clean. Use Kleenco’s It’s Gone to easily eliminate problem soils and spills.



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Heavy-Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent


A concentrated, all-purpose laundry detergent. Strong enough to tackle the toughest stains, like perspiration, grease and oil. But gentle enough to handle the most delicate fabrics. You can pour a little Liquid Launderette directly on stubborn spots for extra cleaning power. Economical as little as 3 to 4 ounces will clean and whiten a 50 pound load of wash.







Premium Formula Detergent


Launderette contains water conditioners, soil suspending agents, scouring aids, an advanced brightening system and a special blend of liquid surfactants. Extra-concentrated cleaning power will produce dramatic wash savings.






Concentrated Detergent Powder


Unique blend of high quality detergents and textile softeners, for labor, energy and time saving wash results. Formulated for use in hot or cold, hard or soft water. Excellent on light to medium soil loads found in motels, hotels, schools, nursing homes and hospital laundries.

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Surface Active Spot Remover


Super concentrated blend of non-ionic surfactants and stain penetrating solvents. Effective in removing collar soils, lipstick and mascara. Can be used as a detergent booster, pre-soak or pre-spotter. Pleasantly scented to aid in the removal of laundry odors.










Enzyme Action PreSoak


An all natural organic bacteria that is non toxic and 100% biodegradable. Can be used to as a deodorant to digest odor causing bacteria getting rid of the odor not just masking it. Effective as a laundry additive or pre-soak to digest protein food stains such grease, oil, sauces and fruit drinks. Works to keep whites white. Digests any organic matter.










Color Safe Bleach


Safety bleaching action uses the power of oxygen to replace damaging chlorine bleach. Excellent for use on synthetic finishes that are susceptible to chlorine retention and yellowing. Produces less loss of tensile strength than chlorine bleach and is safe for bleaching most colored fabrics.


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