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Kleenco Liquid Deodorizers

Breathe easy! Kleenco's liquid deodorizers will give you springtime freshness.

Many consider room air fresheners to be an essential part of their cleaning closet. Even when a room is spotlessly clean it can still smell funky. Take for instance a room that has been saturated with cigarette smoke for years. With Kleenco you don’t have to be a victim of bad air you can fix-it. Don’t just mask the odor. When cleaning the walls or mopping the floors in a room with odor problem add a little bit of Kleenco Pleascent to your cleaning solution. You’ll be taking care of two jobs at once. Removing the soil and the odor. Kleenco fresheners can make any room in the house or business smell better and when used properly can be mood elevating.

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Water Soluble Deodorant


Provides on-the-spot application of odor control in any room, closet or storage area. For use in homes, offices, schools, institutions, and theaters. Anywhere there is a need for fast odor control. Quickly dispels odors such as garlic, onion, fish, smoke, musty odors, etc. Mix it with your cleaning solutions to freshen any cleaning task. Excellent for adding to wash to cancel odors found in linen and soiled clothing. Fragrances include: Apple, Baby-Powder, Bubblegum, Country-Garden, Fresh-Air,  Lemon, Mint, Odor-Eater and Tutti-Fruitti. Click for More Information!




Fabric Refresher


A deep penetrating fabric refesher that permanently eliminates odors at their source. Fresh Breeze controls all common household odors including smoke, food, musty smells, etc. This product is safe and effective on carpet, draperies, home and automotive upholstery. Other products simply mask the odor. Once Fresh Breeze captures the odor it's gone and it won't be coming back. Click for Material Safety Data Sheet.








Room Air Freshener


Promise is formulated especially for use in all types of water filter vacuums. Effective in removing odors caused by pets, smoke, mustiness and food odors. Available in four popular fragrances, Cinnamon, Country-Garden, Lemon, and Wild Cherry.


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