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Kleenco Polishes

Polishes for metal, wood and vinyl, Kleenco polishes are designed to protect and shine!

Today’s homes and businesses have a multitude of surfaces that need to protected from the environment. These surfaces range from fine wood furniture, to durable metals, highly polished chrome and brass architectural features, vinyl and plastic seating and painted metal.


The best maintenance procedures call for regular polishing of these surfaces to protect them from soils, scuffs and scratches, water damage and stains from spills that can damage the surface or expose the sub surface material to contaminants.


Regular polishing is always less expensive and less harmful to the environment than expensive stripping and repainting operations. A properly polished surfaces will also make the surface easier to clean as most soils are easily removed from a polished surface simply by dusting.



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Wood Cleaner and Polish


Natural citrus-oil formula designed to feed essential oils deep into the wood grain. Restores even tired wood to a beautiful sheen and polish. Use it to clean, polish and protect wood paneling, cabinets, doors and other wood work. Also safe for use on Formica® countertops, ceramic and plastic tiles, leather and vinyl surfaces. What customers are saying.






Protective Treatment


A liquid formulation designed to clean and protect stainless steel. Removes light soils such as finger marks and smudges. Produces a satin like finish that is highly resistant to finger printing. Leaves the surface dry and oil free. Excellent for sinks, drinking fountains, elevator doors, etc.









Wax Base Creme Furniture Polish


A liquid formulation of pure Brazilian carnauba wax and high performance silicone oils. Protects the natural oils present in fine wood furniture, paneling and cabinets. Maintains extraordinary gloss and protection on all wood surfaces.




Fine Metal polish


Cleans, polishes and protects virtually any metal surface. Including brass, copper, bronze, chrome, stainless steel, etc. Removes tarnish, finger marks, heat discoloration, smoke stains and oxidation.








Vinyl Treatment with UV Block


Special blend vinyl restorer. Guards against ozone, oxygen and ultraviolet rays. Treated surfaces are protected against fading. Excellent for use on rubber, vinyl, and plastic.


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