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Read, understand and follow labels and safety data sheet instructions to minimize risk.

Hazard is different from risk. We face many hazards doing everyday things like crossing a street. Ponder the following scenario...

You're in the grocery store and someone has spilled a bottle of pure mountain spring water on the floor. If you've ever slipped on a wet floor understandably  you avoid the area. In this instance drinking water represents a hazard.

Spilled on the floor it presents a hazard to everyone walking on that floor (hazard is the potential source of harm or adverse health effect on a person or the environment).

The store Manager is alerted to the situation and surrounds the spill with a barrier until it can be cleaned up. The hazard remains but the risk has been minimized.

The more knowledge we have of our environment (products, equipment and the methods that we use to clean) the better able we will be to minimize the risk associated with any cleaning activity.

We encourage every user to become familiar with the hazards associated with our products first by reading the label then the Safety Data Sheets. The closer you follow the instructions and suggested safety procedures the less risk you will face.

Each Kleenco product has an associated Material Safety Data Sheet (the new format is called Safety Data Sheet). You can locate the sheet for the product you're using in the index below (note some products are no longer produced, for these products use the old format MSDS). Do you have a Kleenco product not listed on the index? Call 425-883-2976 for assitance or email staff@kleenco.com.

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