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I know Effortless will remove 90% of the stains I might encounter. What about the 10% of those I can't get out?


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The Best General Purpose Spot Remover


Have you ever looked down at your carpet and wondered, “Where did that spot come from?!” It’s true: spots sometimes appear as if by magic (and at other times we know exactly where they came from). But when they do appear, the urge to remove them is irresistible.


Kleenco’s Effortless is specially formulated to help you excise the spots and erase the spills. It is a high performance spotter, yet safe and gentle enough for use on delicate stain-resist fibers. And it is soap-free, leaving no shampoo residues to attract more soil later on. And while Effortless is renowned for the job it does on carpet, keep in mind that it can help in other areas as well. Here are two testimonials with which you may be able to relate.


Effortless on Laundry


In addition to its carpet cleaning ability, Effortless is also the ideal laundry spotter. Michelle D. of Sumner, Washington had this to say about her daughter’s favorite shirt:


“My daughter was wearing her favorite white tea-party shirt at daycare one day and got grape juice down her front, along with black cherry jam! When I went to pick her up, her teacher said they had tried to get her to take it off before eating but she threw a fit (I guess the pre-two’s were setting in).


Thus you can tell it meant very much to her. The teacher was apologetic. I said, “I have a great spot cleaner at home I could use”. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “You do realize that stain is over 4 hours old and is probably set right in?” I said, “No bother, Effortless will get it out”.


I went home thinking I would put it in the wash right away...Well, needless to say when washday came (three days later) I was horrified to see the shirt still in the wash. I thought, “how will I ever get this stain out now?”


I reached for the Effortless, then, after letting it set while I washed another load, I put it in the washer with a great deal of hope and worry. Well, let me tell you, I will never worry about another stain as long as I have Effortless on my side. When I put that shirt in the dryer it was glistening white again. My daughter wore that shirt the very next day at daycare and her teacher asked how long I had to scrub and soak to get it back so clean. I said, “It was really quite Effortless!”


Thank You Kleenco for making ‘Effortless’.”


Effortless on Furniture


New white couch, meet kid’s juice box. We spend a lot of time on our comfortable furniture, and that time, in many cases, translates into spots, spills and discoloration. Here is what Jenny M. of Gladstone, Missouri had to say:


“While cleaning out my mother’s cabinets today I ran across a bottle of Kleenco “Effortless” spot lifter. She doesn’t know where she got it or how long she has had it.


At the time that I found your product I was getting ready to throw my 3-year old’s “little piglet” child size recliner in the trash, because it was so filthy and stained. It was so disgusting that I wouldn’t even let my child sit in it anymore. I found your product and thought ‘What could it hurt to try?’


Well, I did and boy was I impressed. I had tried every different thing I could find on the market (at least 6 different products) and with yours I might be able to save my son’s chair, except that I got it about ½ clean and ran out....

Please send info on how I can get more of your product and any others you have besides the spot lifter.


Thank you very much for your time and your product. It’s great!”


With the holiday party season coming up, be sure to ask your Kleenco dealer for a quart of Effortless today! It is the best all-round spotter to have on hand for quick and easy clean-ups, whether from carpet, furniture, or even clothes.