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Showcote Outstanding UHS Floor Care

One coat of floor finish applied at a approximately 1800 square feet per gallon is a 1/10,000 of a inch thick apply 5 coats and your floor protection is now about as thick as a human hair. Apply 40 coats and your protection is now about at thick as one coat of paint.


What are you asking this remarkable molecule to do? Protect an investment than can reach into tens of thousands of dollars! Protect the floor? Protect it from what?


The average person walking on floor can exert as much as 11-1/2 pounds of force per square inch. Doesn't sound like much but multiply that by perhaps hundreds or thousands of shoppers every day and now throw into the mix sand from the parking lot, spills from food and drink, cleaning solutions and numerous other agents that batter a floor finish and last but not least run it over with a machine turning at 2,000 to 3,000 rpm with an aggressive hogs hair pad and you can see that a lot is being asked of such a tiny thing.


Are you going to trust the care of your floor to the cheapest product you can buy? No, I'm sure you want the best and that is what Kleenco makes. Read about some of our remarkable solutions and then take a tour of the Iron Shine program. You'll be amazed at the results.

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Thermoplastic Acrylic Finish


SuperthonLMC is an extremely high-gloss, Ultra High Speed floor finish featuring exciting new floor finish technology. With Supethon's "Alloy Technology" the backbone of the IRON SHINE Program. Using a unique combination of metal ions we're able to hyper load the finish with Zinc. The result is a super strong polymer. Users will notice an immediate improvement in the initial gloss of the finish. This gloss builds more rapidly with additional coats than conventional floor finishes. SuperthonLMC is ideal for all types of resilient tile floors and maintenance programs. Increased Durability, Better Burnishing, Odorless, Easier Application.




Sealer/Finish With Bonded Thermocryl


For Toughness - Durability & Gloss Retention

Durathon formulated with the patented ingredient Bonded/Thermocryl provides excellent adhesion and wear qualities. Even on the hardest floors. The superb adhesion qualities of Durathon make it ideal for use on any floor surface, both resilient and non-resilient. Repels black marks and scuffs and resists dirt pick-up. No need to use costly time consuming sealers this is a one-step product.




For UHS Burnishing


Dynasty delivers a balance of gloss, durability, and economy. Furnishes high initial gloss with excellent resistance to scuffing, soiling, scratching and black heel marks.















pH Balanced Floor Detergent


Neutra-Kleen is an all-purpose floor detergent. Specially formulated for compatibility with all Showcote floor finishes. Neutra-Kleen provides the proper pH balance for effective soil penetration and removal without effecting finish gloss or durability.












Extra Heavy Duty Wax and Finish Remover


The ultimate finish remover. Formulated to remove excessive, long-term build-ups of floor finish and wax. Contains selected emulsifiers and solvents that melt through the toughest build-ups, lifting them from the floor surface. Effective on all types of waxes and finishes including stubborn UHS finishes. For sale to and use by professional service persons only!






Build-Up Remover and Stripper Booster


Quickly and effortlessly removes accumulations of old finish. Ideal for use on baseboards, floor edges and other problem areas. As a stripper booster Hotshot makes removal of multiple coats of finish easy and complete with a minimum of labor input.



Photo coming soon.


Thermoplastic Acrylic Finish


Super-Glaze is Kleenco's premier floor finish for ultra high-speed maintenance programs. Super-Glaze produces outstanding gloss intensity and depth. Formulated to provide excellent resistance to wear and high traffic. Scuff, scratch and black heel mark resistance is a built-in feature with every coat of Super-Glaze finish. Needs fewer detergent scrubbings and recoats.






Formulated with Liquid Nylon


Special formula acrylic finish with gloss enhancing liquid nylon. Excellent for all types of high speed maintenance programs. Delivers outstanding gloss and durability. Repels dirt, black heel marks and scratches.













UHS Burnishing Compound


Shine-Saver 2 is a finish extender formulated to produce a dazzling, extremely high gloss when burnished. It's unique protective abilities give the floor a cleaner, brighter look between burnishing. The key to the success of Shine-Saver 2 is a new, special, liquid resin that can endure extreme temperatures, burnishing to a brilliant, wet-look shine. Shine-Saver 2 will drastically reduce the time and expense required to clean and restore floors. Click for Material Safety Data Sheet. Click for Label Data Sheet (Dealers Only).




Low Foam Cleaner For Use In Automatic Scrubbers


Power-Scrub features low-foam cleaning. Excellent for use with automatic scrubbers. Quickly penetrates and emulsifies dirty, grimy soils assuring a clean floor with one pass scrubbing.












Deep Scrub Solution


• Heavy Duty Wax & Floor Finish Stripper - Effective labor saving stripper ever developed. Virtually eliminates the need for floor machines, pads, and rinsing. Solubilizes aged and built-up finishes and waxes almost instantly. FLASH Cold Water Formula Floor Stripper is designed to remove floor finish and sealers from heavily burnished floors. Instantly liquefies heavily burnished finish and sealers. Powerful formula cuts through layers of old finish in minutes. Low foaming. Rinse free - No alkaline residue.





Finish Prep and pH Neutralizer


Binds sodium ions left over from the stripping operation preventing them from interfering with the crosslinking process that's vital to the formation of proper film formation. Generally used after stripping and rinse, just prior to finish application. Balance allows for deep penetration of the seal and better bonding of the finish. Proper surface preparation is essential for the best shine and long-term finish durability.





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