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Kleenco Glass and Mirror Cleaners Help You Enjoy the View

A room with a view or view with a room neither would be possible without clean windows. Nothing will distract from the prettiest view like city dirt on a country window.


How quickly, pristinely clean windows can become soiled if the wrong product is used on them. If the surfactants used in the formula do not rinse freely the trace left behind will attract soil like a magnet and it won't let go until it's scrubbed off.


Think about all the solutions people use to try and get their windows clean. Vinegar, good pH but no power lift and suspend soil. Dish soap generally good rinsing properties but the wrong pH to remove oxidized soils. TSP (trisodium phosphate) ouch, will easily damage painted or stained wood surfaces. Don't get near that chest of drawers with it.


All of these products will make your cleaning task one very difficult chore. Perhaps that is why we so often hear "I don't do windows!"


The importance of keeping your windows clean is undeniable. It provides the type curb appeal that welcomes visitors to your home or warmly invites customers to visit your business. Regular and effective window cleaning needs to be carefully considered when putting together a building or home maintenance plan.


Kleenco can help you keep your windows crystal clear and your customers, employees and visitors enjoying the view with our window and mirror cleaners.



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Professional Window Cleaners Concentrate


The ultimate concentrated glass cleaner. Designed for professional use. PWC contains a special penetrating acid based formulation. This formula reaches deep into the microscopic pores, cracks and crevices of the glass. Lifts soils, even tough alkaline oxidation, to the surface for easy removal. Windows cleaned with this special formula actually remain clean longer. Excellent for brush and squeegee applications. Highly economical just 1 ounce per 2.5 gallons of water. The product of choice for streak free window cleaning.



Amazing Window Stain Remover and Glass Restorer


A safe non-acid stain removing formulation. Designed for removing hard water spots and mineral stains from glass and windows. Does not contain harmful acids or harsh caustics. Just apply with a soft cloth and polish. Excellent for removing stains from Stainless Steel and Formica®. Material Safety Data Sheet is available on-line.



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High Performance Cleaner


Designed to cut through films and soils quickly, leaving glass sparkling clean. Biodegradable and phosphate free. Concentrated for peak economy, dilutes 1 to 10 with water for most window and mirror cleaning applications. Both concentrated and pre-mixed ready-to-use formulas are available.








Ready-To-Use Glass Cleaner


Simply the best ready to use glass and mirror cleaner. Superior anti-streak formula cuts through greasy window films quickly and efficiently. No dilution required, simply spray and wipe.


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