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L. Smith


Poor Jenna! She ate something either last night or early this morning that didn't agree with her. Thank God, I found a little bit of Carpet Brite left in its bottle this morning to get the stain out of the carpet. Now that my hubby was smart enough to tell me to Google the company that makes it and I retrieved the bottle out of the garbage can in the kitchen, I found a dealer (near me) that handles the line of products from Kleenco.

My cousin Judy had told me about these products (especially the ones for carpet and upholstery cleaning!) several years ago. Just couldn't find them locally until this morning.

When I go to Fresno next week, I'm stopping in at the one place in (located in Clovis on W. Shaw) the entire San Joaquin Valley that is listed as a dealer for these products. Of course, I'm calling first to make sure they still carry the products.

They work better than anything else I've ever found! And the spots I did in the carpet this morning from cleaning up the mess from Jenna look so clean and bright and the color the carpet was 11 years ago when we moved into the house! Hmmm...Also have special products for special stains and also one for putting like a Scotchguard on the carpet, but it's not Scotchguard, it’s Retain SB



I want to thank you for “Carpet Brite”. I use to use Mac 101 in my Aqua Cat. I was somewhat dismayed when I realized that at the bottom of the 5-gallon jug was a deposit of ‘filler’. I used “Carpet Brite” and NO FILLER. That means no more inert filler running through my machine or being left on the customer’s carpet.



I need to know how to get your products. I love the Carpet Brite and other products for carpet cleaning and would like to try other products from your company for cleaning around the house. Where and how can I get your products? Can we order directly from Kleenco?


I live in Selma CA. Thank you.


Laurie S.




Dear Sirs,


I am writhing you to comment on how well your products work. I have used Carpet Brite concentrated extraction detergent for several years and have been quite pleased with the results. Our carpets look quite well.


In addition I use the traffic lane pre-treatment call Kleen-Lane as a pre-spray prior to extraction cleaning with very fine results.


In addition we are using a spot and stain remover in between carpet cleaning intervals called Effortless with fine results. We hight recommend these products to all others in the cleaning field.



Lottie P.

Director of Housekeeping

& Tom V.

Banquet Manager



I purchased “Carpet Brite” extraction detergent from a vacuum store in Hemet, CA as they recommended it when I purchased a Hoover Steam Cleaner from them. The clerk told me it would take the asphalt tar out of my carpet and perform much better than the product by Hoover. She also sold me a spotter for heavier soils, which I am currently out of. I was thrilled with the results as all of the asphalt was removed from the carpet along with all other spots. I can spot clean areas with no line of demarcation. We recommended the product to our customers (we have an asphalt maintenance co.) who occasionally tracked the oil from their driveways into their carpets. I will continue to use the product, even though I must now have it shipped to my new home where there is no local distributor. Thank you for a great product which solved my staining problem!


Beverly K.

Vallejo, CA




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