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TO: Kleenco

P.O. Box 1786

Bellevue, WA 98009


Subject: Effortless


We have used Effortless stain remover for carpet cleaning over the past several years and have found it to be the best we have found. We recently ran out of our supply of Effortless and we were having trouble finding a distributor in our local area. We were relieved when we found a place to purchase your product. Thanks for making an excellent stain remover.


We hope your company and product are around for a long time.




L. Val J.


P.S. The representative who helped us find a retail distributor indicated that he would send us a carpet care manual. We would really appreciate that.



I live in San Diego and can’t remember where I bought this product. It’s incredible and I would like to get more. I couldn’t find anywhere on line where I could order it, and you don’t seem to have any San Diego dealers on your website. And I know I got it somewhere here. So can you help please. I am all out and am desperate. (I should have gotten more when I was getting low!) I might even like to try the Micro cleaner for oil spots on clothes.

Thank you.


Ann L.

San Diego, CA 92108




Dear Dale,


I just used the last drop of Effortless on my white wall to wall carpet. I have used this product for at least 10 years and I LOVE IT, but I can't find it anywhere close to me. A store I used to buy it from hasn't carried it for a while and I bought all they had before they stopped carrying it.


I live in Milford (close to Cincinnati) Ohio, 45150. Is there any way that I can buy it directly from you, or can you tell me if there is somewhere closer than Toledo?


Please say yes!


Thanks for your time...

Ramie M.





I would love to get another bottle of Effortless Spot Remover, but now I have moved to South West Florida I can't find a supplier nearby. Please would you tell me if there is anyone close to Port Charlotte that stock this product. If not, can I purchase a bottle directly from you or from anyone else by mail order?


Many thanks,

Jane G.



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