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Sam Badr of Masterpiece Floor Maintenance, LTD. States …..


We have been using the IronShine Supermarket Floor Care System for four years. This line of products not only maintains the floor at a high level of condition consistently throughout the year, but also reduces overall costs in the long run.


Our Janitorial staff appreciates that by using the IronShine system the need to strip and recoat on an annual basis has been eliminated and repairing areas when necessary is straight forward because the floor finish is not affected by the UV Light.


Our customers appreciate that they do not experience the fluctuations in floor appearance that once was considered the normal, accepted standard in the industry and that disruptions caused by stripping is greatly reduced. They also appreciate the savings in effort to keep the retail shelves free of the dust that used to be created by burnishing other floor finishes.



Jerry Jagers, Thrifty Foods manager recently stated about the IronShine program….



”This product saves the saves the retail money, as end displays do not have to be moved to strip and rewax. We just leave the end empty and at our convienence request wax. It blends right in. The finish wears well in areas where salt is used outside the store in winter. If an area is taking a beating from the salt on the customers shoes it can be washed and more wax applied and it matches perfectly. I have been very satisfied with this product and the results. I might add I have been in the grocery business for over 30 years, seen the challenges of wax/stripping. My store floors are always good (wintertime with salt) to excellent all year round”.



Andy Carter, Thrifty Foods manager


“I much prefer Sam's iron shine program. In the time I spent at #18 Tsawwassen I was nothing but impressed with Sam's Masterpiece Company and the low labour products he used. It saved me untold dollars with the no strip program, and made things much easier for my grocery staff. We had many good comments on how good our floors looked for a plus ten year old store”.



Allan Gagnon, Thrifty Foods manager


“I am sold on the quality of the products that Sam is using on our floors and the way he is using them. Our floors don't yellow and therefore don't require stripping and the shine is great with a minimum of dust created through buffing”.



From the contractor side JC Larson of BCS services EastSound, Washington Says …


“I love the stuff” He continues “ I love it most for it longevity. Another reason I like it is way easier to lay and maintain that other finishes. …. I’ve tried the cheaper finishes but the SuperthonLMC is way easier”.



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