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I appreciate your help in locating a distributor in my area that carries the gallon size of your product "Kitty-Scram". Over the past 18 years I've had 11 cats and dogs (2 litters of cats and 1 litter of puppies). Needless to say, I've tried a lot of products designed to eliminate pet odors and Kitty-Scram is the first product that really works! It also doesn't leave behind overpowering, unpleasant odor after it has dried. I hope you will continue to manufacture this product - I'm too much of an animal lover to live without it.


Jean M. H

Fairfax, VA




It would be appreciated if you would advise me where I can purchase "Kitty-Scram" which destroys pet odors. I live on the north side of Chicago - Northwest District. This thing is great! Thank you,


Mrs. Norbert J

Mortan Grove, IL



“For removing Pet Odors and discouraging repeat performance "Kitty-Scram" seems to be the most effective”.


Animal Trustees of Austin

Austin Texas



Dear Kleenco Products,


I have been a faithful user of your product "Kitty-Scram" for several years! I do professional housecleaning here in Big Timber and have recommended Kitty-Scram to many of my customers and have used it regularly in my business. I have especially used it in my own home gallons! of Kitty-Scram over the years. I have on the average 6 or 7 cats a couple of dogs and kids. If it hadn't been for Kitty-Scram I don't know what I would have done. Now - ...... in ....... Montana where I have bought this wonderful product no longer chooses to carry "Kitty-Scram", preferring to carry a cheaper "just-as-good product". It is not just as good which I've tried to explain. Anyway I'm hoping you can help me with this problem. Who else in Montana carries Kitty-Scram? ..... says I can bet Kitty-Scram if I order a case. If I could afford a case, I'd do it. But I would be happy with a new supplier who could get me a bottle or two when I needed it. If it's someone here in Montana, I could have a bottle or two shipped by UPS. Could you please supply me with this information I would be so grateful? Thanks for your time - and such a great product.



Judith A H

Big Timber, MT



Hello – Help Help


I have been using your “Kitty Scram” product for many years, and love it! I live in Vancouver, WA and have been buying your product from ------ Vacuum Clinic. Unfortunately, they no longer carry Kitty Scram, and I am lost. Please tell me where I can now buy Kitty Scram – by the gallon. Thank You.



Vicki G

Vancouver, WA



Dear Kleenco,


Recently I had the opportunity to put one of your products “Kitty Scram” to a real test. Our home is located on acreage not yet fenced. And so we play host to a variety of wildlife. One night a neighbor’s dog got loose and ran smack into the granddaddy of all skunks who just happened to be passing by. This encounter occurred under and all around a storage barn which housed among other items a new set of luggage that I was getting ready to fly to N.Y. with. WELL!!! You can only imagine my feelings of complete horror at the prospect of traveling with this most unmistakable odor! I went to the local merchant (Hokema's Appliance) and with tears in my eyes (not only from frustration but the odor as well) explained my plight. They suggested I try “Kitty Scram” and said they weren’t certain about skunk odor but it might be worth a try, and wished me luck. I did!... It Worked. I will be forever grateful to you for your product and for helping me to maintain my dignity. Thank you a million times over!



Shirley M

Redding, CA





Please send me one (1) bottle of Kleenco Destroys Pet Odors, “Kitty Scram”. My fellow worker picked up a bottle at a local market but I am unable to get there. If you can send me the bottle, I will remit by return mail.


Very Truly Yours,

Linda S

High Bridge, NJ



We have a cat urine problem created by a cat that my son had. The cat is gone but the problem is still here. We heard about your product… We need a bottle of your product… Please! Advise how we can purchase or get a bottle of “Kitty Scram”.


Loren H

St. Louis, MO



Dear Sirs;


I would like the name of your local representative. A few years ago, I obtained “Kitty Scram” from a fellow in Moscow, ID but I can’t remember his name. Thanks for your help.


Troy Veterinary Clinic

Troy, ID



Dear Sir/Madam:


Urgent!! I need to locate your Canadian distributor(s) for Kleenco products, I have used "Kitty-Scram" to eliminate the worst dog urine odour and found it to be the most effective product available. Unfortunately, the dealer from whom I purchased it is no longer in the area and I have no idea where to get some more. Thank you for your kind response to my letter. I await your reply with my nose plugged.



Mary H

Ancaster, Ontario



Dear Sir,


I am very interested in buying more of your product called “Kitty Scram”. I am very pleased with the product but after buying it once I am unable to find a store or outlet where I can purchase more. I would be interested in quart size either singly or by the case. Also, I would like a list of other cleaning products which your company may produce.



C.A. M

Hickory Hills, IL



We have a cat urine problem created by a cat that my son had.

The cat is gone but the problem is still there.


We heard about your product…

We need your product…


Please advise how we can purchase or get a bottle of “Kitty-Scram”.

Lauren H

St. Louis, MO



To Whom it may concern:


I had bought some of your “Kitty Scram” many years ago & haven’t been able to find it anywhere since. Could you please send me information on how I can order this wonderful product?


Joy C

Shiner, TX



I’m writing to inquire where I can purchase Kleenco “Kitty Scram”. I had purchased a quart while on vacation, but can’t seem to find any around here. Your response will be greatly appreciated.


Joyce E

Beulah, ND





For years, I've used Kleenco Kitty-Scram for household cleaning, and especially for carpet cleaning. Having just run out, I went to my local supplier (XXXXXX) and was chagrined to learn that they can't stock the product any more due to high order limits set by Kleenco. I called two other stores in Montana that are still listed as suppliers on your website and was given the same story.


Would you kindly advise me where I can order Kitty-Scram? I'm prepping my home for sale and was counting on the unique fresh scent imbued by your product.



Scout F


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