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I will only use Kleenco Old Time Wood Floor Wash on my wood floors in the future.


I recently sold my home in Bellevue, WA., and I believe the only reason I didn’t have to pay to have my floors refinished is because the only thing I ever used on them was “Wood Wash”. Everyone was impressed by the condition of the floors. The shine was always there!


Thank you for you fine product.




Dear Dale,


I hope I have reached a representative for Kleenco’s Wood Floor Wash. I have used this product on my natural teak floor (wood purchased from Indonesia – beautiful), and my source – Vac Plus in Encinitas has closed. I have run out of my cleaner and want to order more. I am willing to order over the phone and have it shipped here. Can you help me?


Incidentally, this product has preserved and cleaned beautifully my wood floor . I would not consider using Bono or some sort of squirt-on/mop-around product.



Jane H.



I came into your store for another product and the girl at the Janitorial Supply Center in Bellevue, recommended I try Kleenco Old Time Wood Floor Wash.


She told me that the vinegar and water I was using was actually leaving soil behind and that soil was building up on my wood floors and making them look dull.


I had already washed my wood floors that morning and nobody was at home to walk on them, so I decided it would be a good time to do a test.


I bought your “Wood Wash”, went home and immediately washed my floor again. I could not believe my eyes! My mop water with the “Wood Wash” was black!


I’m going back for my 2nd container now, and I want to tell you that after mopping my wood floor for about a month using the “Wood Wash”, the shine was back to my floor. Whereas before, I thought I was going to have to have my floor refinished to get the shine back.





Mr. Silbaugh,


I purchased your products a couple years ago, which I truly love your product but I purchased it at the store that no longer sells your product and I was wondering if there was anywhere on line I can purchase your product?


 I need to order and or get more.


I do the three step procedure on my wood floors and it works “GREAT”


Would you be so kind and advise me as to where else I can go


Thank You



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