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We are here in writing to express appreciation for your products which we have been using in our cleaning company for quite some time now. In particular, we would like to comment on your product called “Retain WB”. We have found that this product works very well in its intended purpose of providing protection from “dry soil, water and oil based stains and spills”. In the past we used such products as Retards and Soil Repellant. We have found “Retain WB” to be of superior quality. We have personally seen the benefits of using this product. Several of our customers insist on our using “Retain WB” to protect their valuable investment of carpeting throughout their homes. One customer was simply amazed when a glass of grape juice was spilled on her white carpet which had been treated with “Retain WB”. She immediately cleaned it up with no stain being left on the carpet. We would recommend “Retain WB” to others in the cleaning field as a product which does what it says it will and which is economical and environmentally safe. Again, thank you for your fine line of products and your commitment to ‘quality, value and performance’.


Jim B

Bergum’s Professional Carpet Cleaning



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