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Is Showcote SuperthonLMC really as good as we say? Steven and John certainly think so...



SuperthonLMC is the best floor finish I have used!


It’s clarity is awesome,

It lays down smooth and spreads nicely,

It levels beautifully,

The smell is good and doesn’t hurt your nose,

It polishes up beautifully and can be buffed the same day,

And it can be applied to a damp floor!



Steven W

Ace’s Janitorial

Seattle, WA






At the request of your lovely sister Gay I'm writing to encourage your company to please keep producing your bi-metal polymer floor wax SuperThonLMC. I've used it on all sorts of applications including elementary school buildings, grocery stores, heavy use public places and industrial warehousing and production spaces.


As yet I've not found an ample replacement and I've tried several other products from other manufacturers. The longevity of the protection and shine amazes even me. Gay gave me a gallon six or seven years ago and told me "pick your worst floor". I applied SuperthonLMC on a 100 foot section of an elementary school hallway and it looked brand new even 5 to 6 weeks later. A short spray buff with buff and shine [ another great product] a couple weeks later and it looked brand new. I've used it exclusively since.


Please use this in any way you see fit and if anyone has questions I'd be glad to talk to them. My personal cell is XXXXXX. Also, give Gay a raise.


J.C. L

BCS Services

Eastsound, WA 98245




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