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Wish you get that cruddy shower clean? We have the product even the professionals at Owens Corning Fiberglass think Shower-Kleen works wonders...



Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation

Fiberglass Tower

Toledo, OH 43659


Kleenco Products, Inc.


Thank you for supplying the requested sample of “Shower-Kleen” to Red Roof Inn in Indianapolis. The cleaning personnel have used the product and report it to be highly effective in cleaning Owens-Corning bathing fixtures.


We are pleased with the positive feedback received from Red Roof Inn regarding your cleaning agent and we are interested in evaluating the product’s use in other hotels/motels throughout the country in which Owens-Corning bathing fixtures are installed (particularly in hard water areas). To this end, we would appreciate your continued support in providing product samples of “Shower-Kleen” to these customers upon request. I will be distributing your product literature to this market at an early date.


Additionally, could you please send me a supply of product literature and a product sample of “Inn-Keeper”. This cleaning agent may be useful in the commercial market where hard water conditions are not prevalent.


We appreciate your interest in Owens-Corning and I look forward to working with you in the area of cleanability.




Mary Ann P

Consumer Services Administrator

FRP Components Division


Hi Dale,


It was nice to meet you. I have had chats with your Dad each time I have stopped in to buy product. I will have to stop by sometime on his one day at the store! I am glad he has decided to take some time to enjoy his life!


You know, it's funny. I first started using product from your store in 1991! I had just bought my home and the shower doors were clear glass. You would not have known though, because they had so much soap scum they looked frosted! I tried everything, nothing worked. None of the shower cleaners, not even scraping with a razor blade! Then I was over at a co-worker's home. His entire house was immaculate! And, when I went into his bathroom, he had crystal clear glass shower doors. I told him of my problem and asked him how he kept his shower doors so clean? He said he had a secret ... your Shower Kleen. He had the same issue when he moved into his home. He instructed me to remove the sliding shower doors, place them horizontally on saw horses and put the concentrate directly onto the glass. Let it sit, and then hose off. They came up clear as crystal and using shower kleen for regular maintenance, they have been crystal clear ever since!


Every product I have purchased from Kleenco has worked fabulously. It's great to stop by and get the right product for the issue I need to solve. Thanks for the Micro Solve. I will let you know how it works on the carpet. It's great to support a small family business. Miss your Dad though!


Kim Y



I have arthritis and needed something to clean my shower that actually works the first time. The sales rep suggested that I try Shower Clean. It is the BEST product that I have ever used and actually removes hard water deposits,soap scub & the body oiles without scrubbing."The staff is very knowlegable and very helpful".


Any time they have repaired my vacuum, it has always improved its efficiency to work like new again!


Very Helpful by Mary Jane - 6/25/2014

Submitted by: http://www.shopconradco.com/



I have recently been fortunate enough to use a product of yours called Shower-Kleen on my fiberglass tub and shower. I have never used anything so effective on built up scale. It is quick with very little elbow grease.


I have no idea where to purchase this product and perhaps you could send be that information. If I can only purchase it by buying it thru you, please let me know as I am desperate for more.


Thanking you in advance, I remain,


Sincerely yours,

Linda S

San Marcos, CA




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